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Online english, and motivated

by Kasler Andrea
What is the best motivation for helping the online english learning? There are a variety of online english learning possibilities offered by language schools. They all promise excellent results and fast progress. We think that the best motivation is to reach an acceptable, independent level of english in reasonable time. The best choice for online English learning Wouldn’t…

English tests at 11 pm?

by Kasler Andrea
Why not? Learn when you have time. If you want to get usable language knowledge, or would like to refresh your memory, and have school or work during the day, it can easily happen that you open the course book or laptop at 11 pm or later. However, if you find a well adaptable system for learning, you will get forward fast and successfully even in these late hours. Learn with mobile…

English language lesson for job searchers

by Kasler Andrea
Only a few English language lesson, and start using your knowledge Job searchers need cheap and easy English language lesson, especially those, who plan to apply for a job abroad. It is well known, that with English you manage to be understood everywhere in the world. If you plan to work in Hungary, we have an argument for the purpose of English learning as well.…

The eternal question: how can you learn English words more effectively

by Kasler Andrea
English is one of the most popular languages in the world, and one that is spoken by the most people, so it is understandable, that learning English words is important for many people even in Hungary. Some want to acquire the basics of a world language to be able to get along as a tourist in different countries and situations, others…

Learning English at home flexibly, continuously

by Kasler Andrea
Knowledge of the English language is especially important and essential at bigger companies, and since you need a language exam for your degree, focusing on English is worth it. Learning English at home can be truly effective if you have intentions of using the language, and you have plans concerning the course of studying. We probably have the intention,…

Language learning and Google Translate

by Kasler Andrea
Language Learning can be supplemented by various tools, and some of these are for free. if you want language skills that stand their ground outside the textbooks, you might want to use various ways to study, since these show more of the language you wish to speak. This article is about Google Translate. You’ll learn about how to make use of a free compiler during…

Language learning online with a flexible schedule

by Kasler Andrea
Are you one of those people who have a hard time getting themselves to learn languages? You are not alone. Get to know the new possibility of online language learning. There are many people who, after the unsuccessful language classes in school, have a hard time getting themselves to study again. Although you know you need the confident language knowledge,…

Language learning can make a good Christmas present

by Kasler Andrea
When thinking of language learning, most people imagine sitting and memorizing with a book, which doesn’t seem like an ideal present for anybody. But what if it’s playful? Click 4 Skill makes a great present, as it’s both useful and entertaining. With the Click 4 Skill mobile application you give a language learning method that makes anybody -…

Language learning here and in other countries

by Kasler Andrea
You surely have heard that Hungary’s rank at language learning and teaching is fairly low, compared to the world’s or the European Union’s standard. What’s the reason? Hungarian language itself, wrong teaching methods, or general bad attitude? In this article we make an attempt to find out. Is it harder to learn languages if you’re Hungarian? Linguists…

5 myths of language learning

by Kasler Andrea
Since there are many false ideas in the online world about language learning, we collected the most widespread ones. In this article you can read why the most common myths of language learning are not true. 1. myth: the sooner the child starts to learn a language the better. Since children are surprisingly capable of language acquisition, either it is their native or a foreign…

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