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Learning English at home flexibly, continuously

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kreatív nyelvtanulás, nyelvtanulás online
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Learning English at home flexibly, continuously

by Kasler Andrea

Knowledge of the English language is especially important and essential at bigger companies, and since you need a language exam for your degree, focusing on English is worth it.

Learning English at home can be truly effective if you have intentions of using the language, and you have plans concerning the course of studying.

We probably have the intention, since we all want a good job, we would like to see more of the world, for which we need a basic knowledge of at least one world language.

Be consistent

Learning English at home, alongside school or work, is a serious decision, and you can be successful only if you set a timeline for yourself including the time you intend to spend on studying and the number of words you plan on memorizing.

You need to keep to this timeline, otherwise later on, when you don’t feel successful enough, you’ll find different excuses for yourself, and independent English learning at home will get dull.

How to begin?

When you are looking for ways of learning English independently at home, you can find a million online courses and methods on the web.

What we offer as an aid for studying at home, is a software developed by Hungarians, which can be used both on PC and smart phone.

The material is put together with the help of teachers.
With a phone, you can have a really flexible schedule, you can spend as much time with English learning as you want at home, while travelling, or anywhere, where you have to wait a lot.

Learning English starts with acquiring the proper vocabulary, even at home

Our method is based on language learning with our senses, which is a completely new method in Hungary. Besides concentrating more, memorizing words is much quicker, so you can learn more words in less time, than by studying a dictionary or filling out tests.
The material of Click 4 Skill, which consists of a total 56 lessons, provides advanced level knowledge.

With the freely downloadable 6 lessons you can try out how quickly you can learn English at home with this new method.

The software saves the learning time and the number of acquired vocabulary items.
Where can you try it? Here:

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Kasler Andrea

Sziasztok! Kasler Andi vagyok, én gyűjtöm össze nektek a nyelvtanulással, Click 4 Skill-lel kapcsolatos információkat. Kövesd a blogot, ha érdekel az online nyelvtanulás világa.

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