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What is the biggest motivation when learning a new language?

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What is the biggest motivation when learning a new language?

by Kovács Kinga

Certainly it is to use your acquired knowledge as soon as possible. Many think of studying a new language as a necessary evil, because they have not achieved much in that area yet, and many people are “afraid” to use those languages learned in school long time ago.

Do not let the energy you wish to invest in language studies go to waste!

What could be the reason behind us forgetting the words we’ve learned in a certain foreign language after a while? Why can we not form a sentence anymore?

Do not stress. If you’ve studied the language, and now you would like to refresh your memory, then just repeat, or if you are a beginner, start studying the right way, and learn the correct way of pronouncing the words straight from the beginning.

It is much easier to learn languages,

– if you learn the right pronunciation from day 1,

– if you can learn each word by hearing the pronunciation of those,

– if you form sentences from the studied words right away.

Audio material is available for the full Click4Skill language program too.

When reading, it is difficult to stop and wonder how to pronounce a certain word. If you see and hear the pronunciation of the word in the same time, learning will be much faster and easier.

Do you also think that you’d be much more confident from the beginning if you recognized the words after hearing as well as when reading? If you could be sure you learnt each word the way it should be said?

Do you like memory games?

Studying based on your sensory organs require increased concentration, just like memory games. As a beginner, within 7 month you can gain a confident level of English, by only studying an hour a day. The software displays the time spent learning; therefore you can continuously monitor yourself. If you’d like quick results, try the MOBILE LANGUAGE TEACHER, Click4Skill, and see what others have to say about the English and German language software.

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