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Click Hungarian

Mobile Hungarian teacher for foreigners

You live in Hungary, as you are working here, your family is with you and don’t you still speak Hungarian well? If certain words often do not pop into your mind, you use an expression wrong and these make your everyday life more difficult, learn Hungarian language more efficiently.

You might have noticed, that not everybody speaks English, you can communicate only in Hungarian in the shops, in the market or your elder colleagues in your workplace.
You must feel bad about the smile or strange look, when you told something improperly, although Hungarian is a very difficult language.
Or do you fear, that by trying Hungarian language, your opinion will not be taken seriously enough, as you only concentrate on the mistakes you make in the grammar? Correct your pronunciation, grammar, learn to speak in Hungarian fluently!

How can you learn Hungarian properly?

Have you already attended language course or school, but practicing was not enough?Unfortunately, there are not as much learning material from Hungarian as from English and there are less Hungarian teacher educating foreigners. Therefore it is not an easy job, if you want to learn the Hungarian language. Still, the successful language learning is possible.

What is the key for the success?

Learn as a child! Small children may acquire new knowledge in huge number within a few months, they learn plenty of new words and grammar rules. What do you have to do in order to move forward so fast and efficiently as a child?The solution is to involve utmost senses into learning:

  • Sight
  • Hearing
  • Perception
  • Touch

If more senses are working, your brain will be more active, so you are going to remember better for the new Hungarian words. If you go on with the senses based learning 1 hour a day, you can improve your knowledge level in a few months. If you want to learn more, it only rests with you, put yourself through your abilities!

You can achieve, that your colleagues respect you and acknowledge your abilities, as you use the new sentences learned every day. You will see, that you are going to make them look up to you, as every Hungarian person have already heard, that the Hungarian language is the second most difficult language in the world.

You learn the most difficult language of Europe, you can be proud of yourself!

Of course it is not enough to attend school in case of such a difficult language. The language courses help a lot, but they are time-consuming and expensive in the most of the cases. Repetition and practicing are required for the Hungarian language, that is the reason, why a brand new method combined with technology of nowadays is useful.

What is it?

It is an invention of acknowledged Hungarian developers, a language learning application working on smart phone.

Click Hunagrian implements a sense based learning, you practice the reading, pronunciation, spelling, words, sentences, grammar and expressions.

  • Your knowledge can be measured,
  • you can start learning anytime and you can go on from right there you stopped,
  • your mobile is always with you, therefore you can learn anywhere, on the underground, in the park- instead of waiting,
  • learning will be playful, you will hardly be able to put your mobile down.

Now do you think, that you surely have to pay a lot for such a genius application?
Relax, you do not know the best news yet.

It is only the price, that you will love more, than the amazingly effective method.

We have set the method, that we are following you through 50 lessons on the basis of the Hungarian language. Lesson by lesson you can practice the new words and expressions, which will raise your knowledge higher and higher.

What does the software cost?

You can get the software consisting of 50 lessons at 100 dollar.

Yes, you have read it well.
The price: 100 USD.

Price of one lesson: 2 USD

Although the most of the people will buy the package due to its excellent price-value ratio, you can also pay this in installments. In case you purchase the software for own purposes, you can make the decision to pay 2 USD per lesson.

We did not mistyped the amount. The price of the lesson is really less than a movie ticket.

The mobile Hungarian teacher could serve your friends well?
Recommend the website for them!

If you want to support the Hungarian language learning of your employees, then we recommend the software package consisting of 56 lessons in order to see the improvement on your colleagues as soon as possible. The price of this package is 100 USD, which is far cheaper than the available language courses or products in Hungary.

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