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The Technology of Education

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The Technology of Education


The language learning is a long, boring process with less success experiences for the most of us. It used to be like this with the traditional method. However Hungarian researchers developed a method, which enables anyone without reference to age or preliminary education level to acquire even high level of language knowledge in 7 months with regular practicing.

The completion of Click 4 Skill language learning software had been preceded by a thorough research of one and half a year, when several successful learning methods had been examined by our specialists.

The tool of the effective language learning, the Click 4 Skill, can be mostly compared with the method of Zsolnay and Waldorf, however neither of them fully cover the operational principle of the software.

How does the efficient language learning look like at Click 4 Skill?

The 5 keystones of the perceptual system-based teaching are perception, sight, hearing, touch and smell. Among them, only the smell is not used by Click 4 Skill language learning software, although the interlocking perception-sight-hearing-touch features assist to have fast and effective improvement.

The expression and grammar learned this way will remain in the memory deeper, so there is a bigger chance to turn it into a usable knowledge in the long run.

Click 4 Skill methodology – alias the effective language learning

The system contains 56 lessons all together, from which the first 6 ones are provided for everyone for free of charge, so the learning of the first 1000 words and sentences will be given to you as gift.

6 big advantages of Click 4 Skill language learning

  1. The words and sentences are built onto each other, the same way when we use them. The software sets up the sentences from the words had already learned.
  2. If you give the right word or sentence in a certain occasions (5 times), you can check the acquired knowledge by doing an exam, so you can try yourself out in sharp situation as well.
  3. During the exam the system measures the reaction time and the number of mistakes, both of them have important role in real life and at the language exam.
  4. During the learning process you can make mistakes any times, however it will take longer for the system to offer the exam.
  5. After the exam the system estimates, that how much time and practice you still need to reach a certain level of language knowledge, so you can easily calculate a date for a potential language exam.
  6. Click 4 Skill ensures a playful and exciting language learning, thus you will surely make the exercises with delight.

It is a proven fact, that you can also have high level of language exam in 7 months.

You can acquire usable language knowledge surprisingly fast with regular Click 4 Skill language learning, which can be justified with a language exam as well.

You can acquire 10.000 words, expressions and sentences in half a year with regular intensive language learning of 1 hour per day with the system of Click 4 Skill.
In this case the 1 hour per day consists of 40 minutes language learning and 20 minutes exam.
In order to reach this, it is certainly required to make the exercises thoughtfully, as this is only the way, that you can give the right words and sentences 5 times without any mistakes.

Leave the “traditional”, boring language lessons, try out the proven method of 21st century, the Hungarian developed Click 4 Skill!

Do not forget, that you receive the first 1000 words and sentences as a gift from us, so you can easily recognize, that how enjoyable language learning can be.


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