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Language learning and Google Translate

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Language learning and Google Translate

by Kasler Andrea

Language Learning can be supplemented by various tools, and some of these are for free. if you want language skills that stand their ground outside the textbooks, you might want to use various ways to study, since these show more of the language you wish to speak. This article is about Google Translate. You’ll learn about how to make use of a free compiler during language learning.

Will compilers make language learning useless?

Many think that nowadays all translation jobs can be done by computers, thus language learning will end up being a useless activity. If you have ever used Google Translate, you know this is hardly true, and technology is still far from being able to create perfect translations without human help.

Since all languages are constantly changing, and none of them are completely regular systems, it is likely that computers will never be able to follow these changes without human control. Just think about how many exceptions exist in English, or how many new slang expressions can be heard, how many foreign words get in use in Hungarian every week.

Or, does a computer sense humour and irony, can it get the sarcasm from just the tone of the sentence?
To sum it up, the rough path of language learning will always pay off, good professionals with usable language skills will always be needed, especially in this globalised world of nowadays.
If you think you have absolutely no skills for language learning, you can test yourself with our previous article: English tests for students without language skills.

What to watch out for while using Google Translate?

As you might have heard, Google Translate is far from perfect, for example its Hungarian is quite poor. Conjugation is thankfully already installed by the developers, but in possessive constructions there’s still much to improve. The programme, however, works much better with languages closer to English.

Tip: If you speak English and you have to translate a Spanish sentence, translate it to English, rather than Hungarian.

Never use the compiler to translate:

  • full texts
  • CV
  • homework
  • your website’s contents

Google Translate can be useful while language learning to:

Önmagad ellenőrzéséhez:

Amikor nem vagy biztos abban, hogy jól emlékeztél egy kifejezésre, írd be angolul a fordítóba, és nézd meg, mi lesz a magyar megfelelője.

find synonyms:

One of the best features of the compiler is that it shows synonyms if you click on the English word. This helps you find the word that fits best in your text.

rough translation:

If you’re a beginner and have no clue what the text you’re reading is about, paste it in the compiler to get an approximate picture about its contents. But bear in mind that some words have several meanings and the compiler might not choose the right one.

So be careful when you use Google Translate, as it’s far from perfect. Still, it makes a good free dictionary and thesaurus to find synonyms, so feel free to use it for such purposes!

If you need more complex help with language learning than just an online dictionary, the mobile language teacher might solve your problems. You can read more about language learning with smartphone in the Click_English menu.

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