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What is the biggest motivation when learning a new language?

by Kovács Kinga
Certainly it is to use your acquired knowledge as soon as possible. Many think of studying a new language as a necessary evil, because they have not achieved much in that area yet, and many people are “afraid” to use those languages learned in school long time ago. Do not let the energy you wish to invest in language studies go to waste! What could be the reason behind us forgetting the words we’ve learned in a certain foreign language after a while? Why can we not form a sentence anymore?…

To help learning languages, we are giving away 100 software keys

by Kovács Kinga
In August 2013, we launched a game, with which you can play for a software key every month. In order to take part in the draw, you only need to register in the Sweepstakes menu option. The winners are announced at the beginning of every month, and we publish their names on our website and on our Facebook page too, before contacting the fortunate ones via email as well. Many lucky people get the opportunity to study for free The 100th software key has been recently handed over, which means, now 100…

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Az Európai Uniós törvények értelmében fel kell hívnunk a figyelmedet arra, hogy ez a weboldal ún. "cookie"-kat vagy "sütiket" használ. A sütik apró, tökéletesen veszélytelen fájlok, amelyeket a weboldal helyez el számítógépeden, hogy minél egyszerűbbé tegye a böngészést. A sütiket letilthatod a böngésződ beállításaiban. Amennyiben ezt nem teszed illetve ha az "Engedélyezem" feliratú gombra kattintasz, azzal elfogadod a sütik használatát.