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In which operation system can the language teaching software be run?
At the moment it can be run on Android based smart phone, but we are already developing the support of other operation systems as well.
When will the iPhone and iPad support be available?
The iOS application will be issued in the last quarter of 2013 and the first quarter of 2014.
Do you plan to support other languages as well?
Yes, we do. Firs we made the English language teaching application for Hungarian natives. Soon we are going to issue the Hungarian language teaching version for English mother tonged persons.
Afterwrads several other languages will be issued startng with the German, Spanish, Italian and French.
Can any lesson be bought separately?
Yes, it can, the user may feely choose, which lesson to be bought at learning.
Every lesson can be tried out in demo mode and the user may view what words and sentences can be found in it.If it contains new information for the user, then it is worth buying it.
Can the lesons be viewed free of charge?
Yes, they can. Every lessons can be viewed in demo mode.
Why does the lesson have to be purchased, if it is available free of charge in demo mode?
The acquired knowledge is not stored in demo mode, therefore the student can not make an exam. In this working mode, the student can only view the first 50 sentences and words, wich helps to measure, whether the knowledge is suitable for making the lesson or not. We have created it this way, so that everone can be assured what lesson is required. In demo mode, measured knowledge can not be acquired, as the software does not give possibility to make exam, on the other hand it does not measure the time spent for learning.
Can more persons in a family learn from a tablet or a smart phone?
Yes, they can. The knowledge of the users is stored on a separate server, which is being synchronized in case of every log-in, so that the students can automatically register their results achieved.
Does the software run on other, than the Android based smart phone?
At the moment the software supports only Android based devices, which can be tablet or smart phone.
Which Android version is suitable for running Click 4 Skill software?
The software supports all from the version of Android 2.2. If you have older verision, we ask you to update it as soon as possible.
If my mobile was broken, the is my knowledge also “broken”?
No, it is not, as the knowledge is stored not by the device, but the server. The software can be downloaded in any copies, but the system only let one run at a time, therefore in case of log-in it automatically logs out from the copies started earlier and it clears the log-ins made earlier, from other places.
Is the constant internet connection required?
No, it is not. It is is required just in case of thos devices, which have smaller inner memory, than the size of the software. If there is no internet connection, the data are stored in the device. In this case it is very important to take care of the frequency of synchronization, as an accidental device error may cause the loss of the knowledge.
What size of data traffic does the sofware require in case of regular use?
The software does not have considerable data traffic, so its operation means a minimal cost. After downloading the software contains everything, the internet connection is only necessary for storing the acquired results on the server. It is recommended to synchronize the software to the server in every log-in in order to be updated data at our disposal all the time.
What room does the software take up?
Click 4 Skill is approximately 1 GB, its size is as big as a game software with a better quality. The applications is recommended to upload and store to the memory of the phone or to the SD card opearting next to the phone.
When is the internet connection required during using the program?
The synchronization to the server is automatically made, when the user logs in to the software. Besides, manual synchronization can also be done – in this case internet connection is required.

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