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For the Attention of Schools

Language learning software and competition for schools free of charge!

Is your school open to a new method of language learning?
Now 10 students per school may try out the revolutionary language learning software, the Click 4 Skill, free of charge. The chosen students can use the application for 6 months and they can measure the number of new words learned per day.

Language learning competition!

Who remembers the most words?
The best performing students of the school can compete with Click 4 Skill mobile application for the first place in order to find out, who learns at the fastest way.

This is an exciting challenge for the students, who can enjoy the playful language learning by inspiring each other and it is the most economic solution for your school to reward the talented students.

What is the Click 4 Skill?

Our up-to-date mobile application achieves remarkable results with the possibilities of language learning, which have been neglected so far. The playful learning based on the revision and activation of senses provides success experience and ensures motivation in language learning.

Free of charge usage for 6 months, several thousands of words, entertaining language learning…

What do we ask in exchange? Only to place 1 Click 4 Skill poster in the school, on which the results of the competition can also be showed, so other students get the mood for learning language.

The students competing with each other can register the following data every week:

  • Time spent with learning
  • Number of words learned
  • Number of sentences learned

This information is constantly confirmed by the language educating software, so the state of the competition can be registered in a second on the poster placed in the school on a determined weekly turning day.


We ask you to upload a photo to our Facebook-website, which shows the results registered on the poster from week to week (the photo can be taken by mobile phone as well).

If you wish to try the path-breaking method of language learning in your school, we ask you to write to us!

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