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Click is an interactive, digital workbook

Replace the analogue dictionary booklet and workbook.

Click is an interactive, digital workbook

Using the dictionary booklet for learning is difficult, it is constantly replaced and lost, so it is not good for repetition.

We scroll through the workbook, solve the tasks once, and then it is put to the bottom of a box.

And those who are absent, can copy the lessons learned together from other people's exercise-books or photographs.

Click collects all the learning material in one place, where students can easily and quickly reach them from any surface. In fact, they can take the exam, too!
You can give knowledge and success experience at the same time

You can give knowledge and success experience at the same time

Click does not replace the teacher or the school. However, it allows you to pass on knowledge playfully and more easily as a positive experience.

By learning words and sentences at their own pace in the app and passing the exams, everyone gets convinced of having the knowledge — and thus having a real success experience.


You can constantly follow what is the level of knowledge of your students, how enthusiastically they study the material you have drawn up..

This feedback helps you to progress at the right pace with a student or even a whole group, to change the material or method if necessary.

And you will also know exactly when they actually learned the material, because the exams can’t be skipped.

If you wish to study with Click...
Set up your own curriculum

Set up your own curriculum

In Click, you can create your own lesson or a complete curriculum in any language.

You can customize your lessons to your own group or your method, and then share them with anyone you want.

Click is not simply a “boxed” interactive workbook, but a teaching assistant where you are free to define what you want to teach.



With Click, you can learn on multiple platforms at the same time:

Simply download the app and we'll guide you through it step by step.

And you can start learning in minutes - or even setting up your own curriculum.