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Learn at your own pace

Follow exactly your progress, pass the exams whenever you want, or even build your own curriculum!


Your exam is valid only if you really learned the words, we are strict in this respect.

But you can decide how many times you want to repeat, to adjust to your own learning rhythm.

In fact, you'll find everything you've learned retrospectively to weeks or even years. No lost dictionary booklet, a forgotten workbook that can be filled in once: you can refresh your knowledge at any time the way you acquired it for the first time.

Your data and progress are stored in the cloud, so you can continue learning or start repetition from any device, at any time.
Share what you've learned!

Share what you've learned!

You can share lessons with your learning peers, friends, or even family at any time.

So no one is left behind, no knowledge is lost: you can progress together, everyone at his/her own pace, effectively.

If you learn new words, you can create your own lessons and share them, of course, so you yourself can help your acquaintances expand their vocabulary!


Repeat until you are sure of your knowledge. You can progress at your own pace - but your exam is valid only if you really learned something!

You decide when and what you want to learn: spend your time with progress while traveling or waiting!

You stopped for a while, you're out of rhythm? Repeat your lessons from a week or even a year before.

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Study the way you want. You can keep track of your progress, you can see the results immediately, and you can compare your level of knowledge with your acquaintances.

Create your own lessons or material freely in any language for your students, friends, family - or anyone else!

There is no need for teacher intervention to studying or measuring, as there is no possibility of making mistakes!

Set your own syllabus!

You are free to choose exactly what words and phrases the app shall teach you and how often you wish to meet them.

You decide when you want to take the exam - but you have to test your knowledge in a time frame at the exam, and you can't skip the exam.

You can learn what you really need, what you really care about - and you can be sure that your knowledge is real.

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With Click, you can learn on multiple platforms at the same time:

Simply download the app and we'll guide you through it step by step.

And you can start learning in minutes - or even setting up your own curriculum.