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We want that learning of foreign languages would give children a good time, play and success experience.
We would like them to have the opportunity to learn even if they are unable to go to school and study with other children because of their persistent illness.

Prolonged healing and living at home do not simply make it difficult for children to learn and keep up with the peers, but it also does not have a good effect on motivation.

In our opinion, however, it is impermissible that the disease cut off even one child from mastering vital knowledge.

That's why we decided to join the HospitalSchool.

We know that Click is capable of transferring knowledge in a playful, motivating form, providing a personal success experience, while everyone can use it at his/her own pace.
Therefore, all students at the HospitalSchool and all students supporting them are offered a premium subscription to all the features of Click, of course, free of charge as long as they are students and helpers of the HospitalSchool.

The HospitalSchool was created to help the educational and social rehabilitation of sick children with the support of contemporary assistants, high school students and university students.
We want to help this by making learning easier, exciting, playful and challenging, hoping to improve not only their language skills, but also their perseverance and motivation.

Please support the HospitalSchool with donation voluntary work, tools or even with your own expertise, if you can.